Friday, July 17, 2009

When is something a fake?

Palm Beach Zoo's former commissary manager was working with fringe activist Russ Rector (see earlier post for more about Rector).

Together they were determined to embarrass and harm the Palm Beach Zoo. Photographs were staged, unsubstantiated accusations were made and other actions were taken as part of their self-proclaimed mission to destroy the zoo.

Imagine you bought peaches and found one that was rotten. Suppose your neighbor took a picture and said you were feeding that to your family. Yes the peach is rotten but the picture won't show that you threw it out.

Drop the peach on the floor and a picture won't show that you picked it up.

Just because there is a picture, it doesn't mean it tells the whole story.

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  1. Carnivore KeeperJuly 17, 2009 at 6:32 PM

    I have been a keeper at The Palm Beach Zoo for almost four years and I can confidently speak for all my fellow keepers when I say that the mere accusation that any one of us would ever feed or allow our animals moldy or unsafe food is not only as offensive as a slap in the face, it is also undermining to our profession. The conotation that any of us would ever do such a thing is absolutely insulting.
    To be a zoo keeper at The Palm Beach Zoo a candidate must have a college degree and previous experience and be willing to work for moderately low wages in all types of harsh weather conditions for often ten to twelve hours a day. This means it takes a special type of person who is willing to do all of this because of their love for animals and the chance to work closely with them. When a person dedicates their life to working with and saving animals, the furthest thing in their mind iss to allow any harm to come to these animals, much less be the catalyst.
    As to the claims of rodents in the commissary...there are no less that twenty zoologists in that building every day. As zoologists, we realize the potential threat odf disease associated with rats. Why would we ever allow a rat infestation to be "covered up", rather than just solving the problem?
    it is disturbing to think a woman with such little insight as to the plight of the institution in which she was employed can cuase such a mess!