Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Forget

Please read the letter from Dr. Terry Maple, president and CEO of Palm Beach Zoo, in an earlier post.


  1. Lets all support our local zoo, for those of us who have been here forever (natives) and are from here.
    This is the only local zoo we have!
    Why would a local tv station attack it?
    FOr Gosh Sakes, this kind of thing happens all the time.
    Lets all be real.
    Channel 12 should be ashamed !
    Susan Nefzger

  2. Thanks for setting the record straight. I am extremely disappointed in Channel 12, it sounds like they are sacrificing their journalistic integrity for the sake of false drama. The Palm Beach Zoo is a wonderful community asset and deserves our support.

  3. The Palm Beach Zoo is a Great asset, and does deserve everyones support. We are also very dissapointed in channel 12, we have always enjoyed going to the zoo with our family, our Grandchildren have their names on the brick paths. Do not understand why channel 12 is attacking, when they have been proven wrong.

  4. I have volunteered in the commissary and I can testify that while I worked there it was extremely clean and the food was literally mouth-watering. I was amazed at the quality of fruits, vegetables, meats and other types of specialized food the Palm Beach Zoo acquired and prepared for its residents. We were taught to follow strict hygienic guidelines while preparing the food and to always thoroughly clean the prep and storage areas, utensils, dishes, etc., after preparing the meals. I never saw a bug, rodent or any other type of pest - much to my surprise. When I had horses in my younger days, I could never seem to keep the pests away from my feed room, no matter how hard I tried to keep the feed sealed tight and not drop any.
    Anyone who has the opportunity to see the Palm Beach Zoo's commissary will be amazed at the cleanliness and organization of the area, as I was when I first saw it. This attack is an outrage!

  5. This is is absolutely false. I live 1 block away from the Zoo & frequent it often. I have had nothing but praises about the Zoo to share with others. I don't what could have prompted this crazy woman's claims against the zoo & its wonderful staff other than the fact she may be crazy herself. What a shame there are people like this in the world.
    Carolyn A. Delk

  6. As someone who grew up within walking distance of the Palm Beach Zoo I was thrilled to finally be allowed the privilege of working there as an adult.

    In my eight years at the zoo I have witnessed staff members go above and beyond the call of duty so many times I would be here forever trying to give details regarding them all. Here is just one of the MANY examples I can share:

    I have seen staff members time after time throw aside their own saftey and stay on property during severe hurricanes to tend to the 1,700+ animals entrusted to their care. Once the storms were over did those staff members go home? No. They stayed on property caring for those very same animals that are now being called into question. They did this gladly and without complaint before tending to their own homes and families. Why? Because they care deeply for our animals. To say differently would be an insult.

    The claim that the zoo's commissary is dirty, rat invested, and a health hazard to our animals is completely absurd. Yes, our commissary is housed in a trailer however the level of cleanliness and standard of food prep that goes on there is comparable to if not better than most homes or the restuarants we so often frequent.

    As zoological professionals the animal care staff at the Palm Beach Zoo have worked tirelessly to achieve the level of training and expertise that makes them one of the best "teams" in the country and for that I will always be eternally grateful to them for their passion, drive, and dedication when it comes to caring for our animals.

    With your support the zoo will rise above these baseless allegations so please visit us often and continue to spread the "good" word.

    Thank you,
    Claudia A. Harden
    PBZ Marketing Manager

  7. As someone who frequently visits the zoo and has had countless opportunities to interact with the men and women who work there, I am outraged at the baseless and shameless allegations being made against the Palm Beach Zoo.

    Each and every time I have walked through the zoo, I have been impressed with the obvious pride with which it is cared for as a whole. Trash is picked up, the grounds and vegetation are well maintained, the animals are provided with enriched and stimulating environments, and visitors are treated with courtesy and provided with numerous opportunities to learn about animals and the environments they inhabit.

    Those looking to get their 15 minutes of fame by attacking the people dedicated to the care and well-being of the animals at the Palm beach Zoo should be exposed for what they really are, individuals with only one agenda-promoting themselves by putting forward lies. Support the zoo, it is a wonderful place full of amazing animals and just as incredible people who work tirelessly to care for them!

  8. The key word here is "allegations." I can make "allegations" that you're all sorts of bad things. That doesn't make them true.

    I'm disappointed that Channel 12 isn't interested in hearing any evidence from zoo staff and regulatory agencies counter to these bogus "allegations."

    You don't spend much time at the zoo to see how dedicated the staff and volunteers (and even many visitors) are to the animals. These "allegations" are an insult.

  9. Not having seen the WPEC report, I can't comment definitely, but it strikes me that if these "allegations" were legitimate, this "activist" would have filed some sort of formal complaint with the appropriate state agency, not gone to a local TV station during sweeps weeks! But that's journalism these days, as long as it's titillating, scandalous or colorful, someone will print it.

  10. I've been enjoying volunteering at the zoo in the commissary for about a month now, it's not that long, but I sure haven't seen any evidence of rats! The food is prepared on clean cutting boards, that are on clean counters, and put in clean bowls. The fruits and veggies are fresh, and fit for human consumption, and made into beautiful salads that I would eat!
    I think WPEC should print the facts, not the allegations.